Sunday, May 14, 2017

Torch-Wielding Far-Right Protesters Last Night In Charlottesville

   This is not good.
   I'm not sure what I think about...well, if we adopted PC jargon, I suppose we'd call it Confederate erasure... But putting those questions to the side...these assholes have to realize that torches and goddamn "blood and soil"...not exactly going to win anyone over to their side. Right? Right??? Why not a bit of cross-burning and a rousing chorus of Deutschland Uber Alles? Is there any even vaguely plausible function for torches at such an event other than as a shout-out to lynch mobs?
   I would not have predicted this in C-ville. Gonna guess: "outside agitators." 
   Guess this is a wee tiny taste of how the Ukrainians feel.


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