Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Edward Price: I Didn't Think I'd Ever Quit The CIA; But Because Of Trump, I Quit

Monday, February 20, 2017

MSU Bans All Whiteboards From Dorm Doors After Some Bad Words Were Written On Some Of Them

Somebody dropped an n-bomb on somebody else's whiteboard...and MSU decided that the rational course of action was to ban all whiteboards from every door in every dorm.
   But, I mean, what other option does a university have when "Once in a while someone will write something that isn't very nice"?
   If anything like this happens again, I suppose they'll have to confiscate all writing instruments of any kind.
   Obviously this decision is too difficult, and the stakes too high, for it to be left up to mere university students.

"Citizenship Privilege"

Carolina Anti-Trump Flier

So... Stupid--but undoubtedly harmlessly stupid--anti-Trump flier shows up on campus. Folt (who I think is pretty good, though no Holden Thorp...and I don't care what anybody says) over-reacts just a bit...students react reasonably.
   If this poster were advocating right-to-left violence rather than left-to-right violence, the fewmets would be hitting the windmill on the web, ah tell you whut... But anyway, the left has set up conditions such that the administration has to say something about this, stupidly harmless though it is. Thus the left reapeth what it hath sown.
   IANAL...but I just can't see this as serious incitement to violence.

"Trump Supporters See A Successful President--And Are Frustrated With Critics Who Don't"

I think this is important.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chris Wallace: Trump Crossed A Line

Props to Wallace for this.

Trump's a damn disaster who has no right to be anywhere near the White House. And he keeps proving that over and over.  This "enemy of the American people" thing is extremely worrisome.

That having been said, I do think that the press has a duty to be very objective. I am concerned that they might not be living up to that obligation as fully as they ought to be. I do think that a press that fails to live up to this obligation harms the country. A biased press--and, especially, a biased press that pretends to be objective--is a very bad thing. However, they're currently in a difficult spot. Trump has earned a very large percentage of the criticism directed at him. But there's also a fair amount of anti-Trump hysteria afoot. Objectivity isn't easy to achieve in such matters even in the best of times.

A Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants

   So, was "a day without immigrants" (the name) another attempt to blur the legal/illegal immigrant distinction? That's how I took it...but you know me. I thought it was, in substance, supposed to be a way to offer evidence for the common claim that the U.S. can't run without illegal immigrants doing jobs that the rest of us don't want. If so, then it would be accurately called "a day without illegal immigrants," obvs...but I took it that the secondary aim was to further blur the relevant distinction.
   Wikipedia (as of today) says it was:
...to demonstrate the importance of immigration...and to protest President Donald Trump's plans to build a border wall and to potentially deport millions of illegal immigrants. The strike called for immigrants not to go to work, to avoid spending money, and keep children home from school. People took part to show the importance of immigrants to the economy and also to protest possible racial profiling of U.S. citizens by immigration enforcement.
So that seems to indicate that it it was primarily about illegal immigration.
   Needless to say, that could be wrong...but blurring that distinction has been one of the left's general strategies on this issue, no? I mean, they tend to be jargon-mongers, and the point of much of the jargon is tactical (e.g. 'microaggression,' 'transwoman,'). PC terminology does not aim for accuracy. Their insistence that 'illegal alien' had to be replaced by 'illegal immigrant' made it easy to fudge the legal/illegal distinction by simply using 'immigrant.' (I rather expect that the new preference for 'migrant' ultimately aims to blur the distinction between coming and going. Then they could, for example, characterize the U.S. as regulating migration, suggesting that we don't let people leave. Anyway, I predict that'll be part of some future phase of all of this: lumping the U.S. together with e.g. the U.S.S.R. as a nation that "inhibits free movement of people" or some such thing.
   OTOH, many on the left do think that the right is anti-immigrant generally...and Trump has given them some ammunition with the attempted "Muslim ban"...but I doubt that this is what's up. I think it's the other thing.
   For the record again--and I don't think one should really say things like this, because it plays into the hands of the left by, basically, apologizing for a view that requires no apology--I'd love to be able to take in everyone who wants to come here. I long for the days when we could tell the world to give us its tired, its poor, and its huddled masses yearning to breathe free... But that's no longer possible. To think it is is as much a fantasy as thinking that we can remake the world so that everyone is happy where they are. It's just not in our power.

Heels 65 - Hoos 41

Some really great play by Carolina, but also a terrible night for Virginia. They just couldn't hit anything (I think they went 1-for-19 from three). The Heels showed some really good D, but it seemed clear to me that the Hoos' legs were tired. They had played 3 games in 6 days, one went to OT and two were on the road. And, incidentally: they play again tomorrow.
   So good job Heels...but we did catch Virginia on a bad night.

NYT: Are Liberals Helping Trump

Is that a serious question?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Why Harward Rejected The NSA Job

Welcome to the latest episode of So You Think You Can President:
Basically, Harward is a serious guy who wanted the National Security Council to be staffed with national security experts, not Fox News hacks and political operators. That was too much for the Trump team, so Harward pulled out, reportedly calling the offer a "shit sandwich."

That Press Conference Tho

We are so very, very f****d.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Michael McConnell, In Support of Gorsuch

This is extremely persuasive

Florists Who Do Weddings Must Provide Flower Arrangements For Same-Sex Weddings

Volokh discusses.
   Sounds like the right decision to me. I'm not happy about forcing people to go against their religious beliefs, but, obviously, you've got to draw the line somewhere, and, indeed, flower-arranging doesn't seem to be all that expressive.
   I'm not sure how analogous same-sex marriage is to interracial marriage, but the analogy seems reasonably strong to me, so that tends to make it hard for me to sympathize with e.g. the people at Arlene's Flowers.

Atheists No Longer The Most Hated Group With Respect To Religious Beliefs

Suck it, Muslims!
   Also Mormons. You-all can suck it, too, as it turns out.
   Everybody's rating could be boosted if they'd just put Scientology on there, I reckon. I suppose it's not big enough though.
   But look: this survey will undoubtedly elicit shrieks of "Islamophobia!" from the usual sectors of the left...rightly to at least some extent, no doubt. And wrongly to some extent. I'm not really interested in that.
What I'm interested in is that you never hear the following:
   The PC left has a '-phobia' term or a 'mis-' term for everyone who disagrees with them on some point of doctrine...but they not only never accuse people of the things in the list above, they don't even have terms for them.
   So why is that?
   Well, the obvious conclusion--and there's plenty of evidence for this--is that the usual suspects on the left don't think that dislike of any of those religions (and non-religions) is bad. Their general tactic is to pretend that terms for bias and bigotry...magically and contrary to their clear ordinary meaning...do not cover bigotry against whites, males, and so on...that is, the groups they think (often rightly) are more powerful. So their terminological mythology includes claims like: women can't be sexist, and non-whites can't be racist (sometimes with the qualification: not in Europe and North America, anyway.) Anyway, the PC left is very similar to the proverbial anthropologist who respects every culture but his own. The idea is something like: it's ok to hate things that are relatively mainstream in the West (and, in particular, the U.S.). PC-approved things and groups, however, one cannot have any negative thoughts about at all. If there's any way at all to even spin what you say into something negative about them, you are the worst kind of moral criminal. Open hatred of PC-unapproved groups is not only permissible but obligatory. That may be a tiny bit of an exaggeration...but not much of one, I'd say.
   But, anyway. I suppose there's no sense really complaining about a political movement that is proudly misologistic...and that's a respectable term, IMO...
   Just griping again. As usual, I'm undoubtedly wrong about at least some of that.

*Oh and: don't get me started on the PC left's attachment to the '-phobia' suffix...

Kenny Williams Likely Out For The Season

That means we'll have had a total of two games at full strength all year.
Not good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Carolina 97 - State 73

   That makes Carolina's streak 32-3 against State...though, of course, that involves an arbitrary starting point, there's been a fair bit of luck in there, and the streak includes the last couple of years when State has been really down.
   But boy, Roy really does hate that team.
   At least Gott is history, so there's some chance of a return to the rivalry of old before we all die.

How Much Respect Do We Owe The Office?

   Suppose, arguendo, that a person, Smith, is elected President. Suppose, furthermore, that we have good reason to believe that Smith is reprehensible in a number of ways. Say Smith is unqualified for, and an embarrassment to, the office. Say there is even reason to suspect that Smith has committed more than one act of assault or some other reasonably serious crime.
   Question: how much respect are we obligated to show to Smith on the basis of our respect for the Office of the President?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Did Trump Lie About His Knowledge of Flynn's Russia Shenanigans?

Virginia House OKs Bill On Campus Free Speech

In 21st-Century America, it turns out that this is necessary.

Trump Administration Chaos

Amateur hour.
And worse: Flynn and the Russians
What a freaking embarrassment/disaster.
I sort of can't believe this is all really happening.