Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lefty Dude Hits Female Conservative Reporter In The Face For Recording Women's March In Canada; Predict How The Lefty Women Respond

   You gotta kind of just skip through this for the actual footage...and ignore her use of terms like 'beta' and 'cuck' the right starting to close the idiotic terminology gap with the left? I mean...who talks like that, seriously?
   But that stuff aside...the video is really appalling--as much for the protesters' reaction as for the guy punching the woman in the face. Imagine the pandemonium if a conservative male had hit a lefty female. Imagine the headlines in the major media. In this case, however, the lefties immediately get down to some good old fashioned victim-blaming...and you know this is not going to show up on CNN or in the NYT...
   Seriously--at some point people are going to have to admit that, though there are more allegations of recent political violence going right-to-left, it sure seems like we've got a lot more verified, videotaped violence going left-to-right.

(h/t J. Carthensis)

Schumer Ready To Leave SCOTUS Seat Open

There's nothing sacrosanct about nine justices.
I'd be tempted to to say: no one gets considered until Merrick Garland gets considered. You want to go four years with eight justices, that's fine. We'll let the Democratic President and Democratic Senate that will be swept into office with a massive, angry mandate four years from now decide.
Your choice.
The GOP really did screw us with respect to Garland. By all accounts, he's a genuine centrist.

The Open Borders Left, or: I Hate Being Right All The Time

So here's a thing from the Women's March "Unity Principles":
Rooted in the promise of America’s call for huddled masses yearning to breathe free, we believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin. We believe migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal.
Anyway: I've thought for a long time that it is more and more common for the American left to tacitly endorse open borders. And I don't see any way to read that last sentence that doesn't seem to offer confirmation of my view.

Women's March: Mission and Vision / Guiding Principles

If I had to choose between Trump and this stuff...
Well...fortunately they're not the only two options.

Kellyanne Conway: Administration's Falsehoods Are "Alternative Facts"

This probably sounds insane to you-all in the reality-based community...but...uh...

   Incidentally, I do wish that the press would get this annoyed when the disdain for facts comes from the PC left. But I guess that's really not going to happen. 

Friday, January 20, 2017



America: Now We Officially Suck

Nice work, everybody

Phones In Class: Here's a First

So I don't allow students to use phones, laptops, etc. in my classes except in special circumstances by special arrangement. I make this very clear in the syllabus, and on the first day of class. I've already had to tell one student to put her phone away--at least she waited until the second day of class to whip it out...
   Today, I'm doing the Venn diagrams thing. Student asks a question--actually a pretty good question. I start explaining, draw something on the board (which takes about 20-30 seconds), turn around...and I'll be damned if the student--THE VERY STUDENT WHO ASKED THE QUESTION I WAS JUST ANSWERING--is not on his phone.
   I know the Trumpocalypse is nigh, and this is the most frivolous of complaints, but it's keeping my mind off of the impending reductio of my's that...

Inauguration Day

America reduced to absurdity

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Firearm "Silencers": Actually Not That Bad?

   I was pretty much against loosening up restrictions on suppressors...but...maybe I was wrong.

Marquette Students Required To Attend "Social Justice" Workshops

Needless to say, objecting to indoctrination is itself thoughtcrime

Trumpacalypse Watch Level: Four Horsemen

Yeah, we're screwed.
(image/idea from here of course)

Story About The Author Of The "Clinton Ballot Box" Fake News Story

"Lies" is a somewhat more accurate term than 'fake news'...but whatever. 
Dude just flat-out made it all up, apparently from some mixture of pro-Trump sentiments and greed.
He seems afflicted by little or no remorse.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump's Hero Is...Trump?

Cannot parse.
   Imagine someone who, when it is time for them to do something, runs around half-performing a lot of actions, some of which are tenuously related to what he's supposed to do, some of which are almost entirely unrelated...and only occasionally, finally, sort of doing what's supposed to be done. 
   Yeah, that's how Trump would act if he acted like he talks.
   Though I'll give him the point that hero is a somewhat odd concept. In some moods I'm not sure how to answer that question.

Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning

Jeez, can anyone just tell me whether this is the right thing to do or not? 
   It's embarrassing how bad my grasp is of the Manning and Snowden cases. You know how there are just some issues that slip through your fingers and you never quite make a sufficient effort to run them down? (Well...that's me for a lot of issues...but...anyway...) I wish someone would just tell me the answer here. Or at least point me to some of the better things to read. I'm generally sympathetic to whistle-blowers, but have never been inclined to put either Snowden or Manning into that category. My badly-justified conclusion in both cases has tended to be: pretty much guilty. Also, I've forgotten most of what I did once know about these cases.
   (I've also heard it suggested that there is another issue in play: that the government doesn't want to have to deal with the question of a "sex change" for Manning. That doesn't seem like a terribly difficult issue to me, but I'm obviously out of step with the current consensus of the left in this respect. Also, I can't imagine that such a consideration could trump considerations of justice.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump vs. John Lewis

   I've got a kind of reverence for old-school civil rights veterans like Lewis, so I probably can't be objective about this. I don't always agree with him, but that's not of any importance to me. Trump, of course, is a contemptible idiot and ignoramus, a quasi-rapist, unfit for the office of the Presidency--in fact, seemingly unqualified for any important position. He has, so far as I can tell, never accomplished anything valuable. Lewis is his better. Trump seems to be utterly ignorant of their relative positions in the Great Chain of Being.
   But even all that aside, only a lackwit of monumental proportions would suggest that Lewis is "all talk, no action." That he is demonstrably not. That he is not is a matter of historical record. It's not that I find it insulting to Lewis; Trump is too far beneath Lewis for his opinion to matter. It's the loathsome ignorance and absurdity of the falsehood that repulses me. It's like watching someone scream vulgar obscenities; it's a revolting sight in and of itself. Trump, like the obscenity-screamer, is demeaning himself. Lewis is immune, above it. What appalls me is that such an ignominious buffoon is about to be President.

George Will Reflects On The Sokal Hoax

Will writes:
Twenty years on, one lesson of Sokal’s hoax is that many educators are uneducable. Another is that although wonderful sendups have been written about now might be beyond satire.
Not to put too fine a point on it, I'd say: the most important lesson is that a mishmash of stupid theories has taken over many of the humanities and some of the social sciences. As usual, the culture (only) seems to absorb the worst ideas produced by the humanities, and the aforementioned mishmash has, sadly, influenced middlebrow culture. Members of the chattering class tend to have humanities backgrounds, and like to seem familiar with what's fashionable in the academy, and so they tend to speak the mishmash. Worse, the bad theory is bound up inextricably with extremist left-wing identity politics. Worst of all, that theory is bound up with a catastrophically bad theory of reasoning. That theory is the kind of theory you might expect to be favored by interpretive, non-empirical disciplines: it basically holds that you grab whatever conclusion strikes your fancy, and then you free associate, riffing on trendy ideas, until you can pretend that you've offered an argument for the conclusion you wanted all along. And (see above) these conclusions are almost always of a kind favored by far-left identity politics.
   People have long thought that the humanities are full of shit. But, for the last thirty years of so, the humanities have been full of shit--or largely full of it, anyway. And unsurprisingly, it's affected our public discussions and decisions. The thing about all this is that it doesn't just yield one or two bad conclusions. When you have adopted a defective method of reasoning, the error spreads far and wide, permeating almost everything you think. And that's a very bad thing indeed.

Monday, January 16, 2017

White Nationalists Losing Faith In Trump?

Good? I guess? Or...bad? I don't know.
Is this evidence that Trump is less bad than I thought? Or is the alt-right worse than I thought it was? (I'm back to being unsure who-all is calling themselves alt-right, actually... Does Milo categorize himself as alt-right? Or are they all Richard Spencer types?)
Anyway, that was fast. Also, it's difficult to believe that there's a group out there that Trump is not a big enough jackass for.

Carolina 85 - Syracuse 68...and Roy Hits #800!

Congrats to coach Williams. He's one of a kind.

Open Borders And The Decline And Fall Of America

And this is what an advocate of open borders thinks.


Warrants a bit of reflection, I say.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trendy Rye Bread?: A Prediction

This is not of interest to me, except insofar as it is a wee opportunity to put the screws to one of my pet theories. I predict: If this rye thing turns into a full-blown fad, then we'll start seeing studies that conclude that rye is good for you. If this is because of lower gluten, it doesn't count as much, because that's already apparently known, and also stated in the article. Also isn't the gluten fad fading? Hmm...  Well...if there's a rye fad and it revives the gluten fad, then that would be confirmation, no?
   Anyway, this is stupid and boring but whatever.

Apparently Supporting FIRE Is Now Considered "A Troubling Signal" / "Red Flag" By Some On The Left

whelp, here we go.